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Barrell Bourbon 15 Year Cask Strength Whiskey 750ml


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This complex 15-year-old bourbon was blended and bottled at peak maturity so you can experience its true flavor. It is a perfect union of grain and barrel, with an old, oaky nose and a deep, honey- maple palate that reveals the lushness of the grain.

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Barrell Bourbon 15 Year Cask Strength Whiskey

  • 15-year-old bourbon whiskey

  • Distilled and aged in TN, KY and IN

  • Crafted and bottled in Kentucky

  • 106.52 proof cask strength bottling

  • Mash bill: corn, rye and malted barley

Appearance: Worn leather

Nose: Incredibly fruity, the nose opens with strawberry salt-water taffy, Bing cherry, and raspberry but more exotic fruits lurk in the depths: prickly pear, lychee, blood orange, grapefruit marmalade, damson plum, even tomato. The fruits nearly overpower subtle herbaceous notes of pizzelle, Maraschino liqueur, Cynar, and pipe tobacco. Its sweetness is kept in check by a hint of paraffin and scorched earth.

Palate: As fruity as the nose, exhibiting strawberry and rose jam, lychee, Maraschino liqueur, and calvados, balanced by très leches cake, hibiscus, and angelica.

Finish: The theme continues on slowly evolving fruit: guava, watermelon, Pink Lady apples; they’re joined by a touch of paraffin from the nose and a spicy signature of candied chili pepper.

With a splash of spring water: Those nose grows beguilingly perfumed, notes of apple blossom, hyacinth, applewood smoke and mulled cider released from the overbearing fruitiness, which has developed a more tropical character in the form of pineapple, mango and papaya. The palate becomes fuller and brighter, notes of mango and peach nectar overlay fresh ginger. Almond milk and white chocolate on the finish are given lift by spearmint.


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