Bookers Pigskin Batch 2020-03



The final ‘book’ in Bookers batch release of 2020, Pigskin Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a robust ending to a series of exceptional batch bourbons. Strong cinnamon is the key flavor profile in this whiskey, spicy and bold with warming tones of caramel and vanilla. The aroma is classic of any well-crafted whiskey, strong and solid. You feel the roll out of rich, aged wood and freshly picked apples along with baked cookies. The combination is heady and alluring. Recommended over ice, Booker’s Pigskin bourbon needs a bit of a cool down on the lips due to its powerful cinnamon profiling. Your tongue is soon soothed with sweetness from brown sugar and delicate cherries followed by more bites of apple. Any whiskey drinker will feel their tastes refined and enriched by a sit down and sip with Bookers Small Batch Collection Pigskin Kentucky straight bourbon; cinnamon, apples, ice, and all.

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