Hyde No.3 Single Grain Irish Whiskey



Jameson and Bushmills are the faces of Irish Whiskey, but it’s the smaller distilleries that bring exciting gems and push the boundaries. One of those is Hyde, carrying the name of the first President of Ireland, Douglas Hyde. Doug did not make Whiskey, but he is an inspirational figure for all the Irish. The Whiskey side of the Hyde family goes way back, though. They owned bars in West Cork between 1640 and 1962 and they were known for having some of the best Irish Whiskeys available. Alan and Conor Hyde hail from that impressive lineage, and even though they’re the first generation in three centuries not to own a pub, they continue the legacy by bonding Whiskey.

For Hyde 6 Year-Old No. 3 The Áras Cask, they cherry-picked some of the best Whiskeys. It comes from Hibernia Distillers in West Cork and it was produced from corn and barley grain. They distilled it thrice in a Coffey still and let it rest for six years in 1st fill ex-Bourbon barrels. Bourbon is quite influential here, coming through strongly on the nose, translating subtly to the palate as well. Despite being young, the Number Three is complex and rich. Its fresh and juicy character will surely bring summer to your palate every time you decide to sip on it.

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