Marques de Casa Noble Tequila



The artistry that went into creating Marqués de Casa Noble began in the Allier region of France, where Casa Noble Master Tequilero, Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo, personally selected trees to create hand-crafted barrels. These barrels were first aged in the French forest for two years before being transported to a preeminent cooperage where they were toasted and aged one additional year.

The Marqués de Casa Noble liquid is an impressive blend of 12 extra añejos and nine añejos aged one to five years. By blending unique aromas, Hermosillo crafted a flavor profile that is alluringly rich, silky and balanced. Cooked agave sweetness, vanilla, ripe fruits and roasted nuts with spiced accents round out Marqués de Casa Noble’s unrivaled taste, and the finish is smooth, offering hints of white chocolate, pecan, and almond.

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