Nulu Bourbon Whiskey California Exclusive

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This very small batch of 4 to 6 year MGP Bourbon, exclusive to California, was blended to give consistent flavors in each batch. The goal is to offer a Non-chill Filtered bourbon that gives unique tasting notes and a balanced finish.

The nose is filled with notes of oak, rye spice, and cinnamon, and cereal grain. As the spirit opens in the glass, notes of brown sugar and vanilla begin to appear.

The First sip has a thin to medium viscosity. Baking spice and oak notes are most prominent. The second sip introduces some dark fruit notes through the mid-palate. 

The finish is short to medium but pleasant. Baking spices, cinnamon, and oak are the most prominent notes.

The NULU Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a nice offering from Prohibition Craft Spirits. The nose and palate are filled with cinnamon, oak, dark fruit, and baking spice notes. The finish is short to medium but will keep you reaching back for more. This spirit is not overly complex judging from the first pour. 

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