Old Forester 150th Anniversary Batch Proof Bourbon Batch 2



One of three unique small batch Bourbons created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Old Forester, representing the three distilleries that George Garvin Brown sourced his whiskies from in 1870 to blend into Old Forester. The barrels for all three batches were filled on the same day, but each of the batches has its own unique character. Batch #2 has a nose of toasted caramel, leather, pipe tobacco, honey, and touches of oak and vanilla. The taste is thick, chewy, and peppery with a hint of chili powder, honey, oatmeal, and oak tannins underneath. Water opens up dark chocolate on the palate while delaying the onset of the spices just a bit. The finish is long and slightly astringent with lingering spices and honey.

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